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Our story

Our story officially began on 13 November 1918, when the newly established Republic of Estonia took over the Tallinn post and telegraph office from the Germans and established its own state postal service. The story has continued for 95 years, during which time many exciting chapters have been written; and now, in 2014, we have begun a new chapter. The title of this chapter is Omniva.

We have always been close to people, no matter who rules the state, which is the governing party or what direction the wind is blowing in. Our goal has always been to bring the world closer to home. We have always stood for communication among people and the opportunity to send goods and exchange information. These values have not changed throughout the century of our operation, and they still remain the same.

However, our everyday life has changed. The rapid development of information and communication technology has caused irreversible changes in the way people communicate and has affected their consumption habits. We purchase goods from e-shops in China, Great Britain and Germany; we identify ourselves using ID cards; and we keep in touch with friends and family all over the world using e-mail and Skype.

Shopping no longer means waiting for the bus and checking working hours, and writing to a friend no longer means putting a piece of paper in an envelope and sticking a stamp on it. With your computer or smartphone you are just a step away from the shop, bank, post office, polling station or your friend’s house. Eesti Post has developed along with these changes and has introduced some of its own changes, too.

The new opportunities that we are able to provide can develop our company and move it forward. We have extended our services beyond the borders of our home country, and today the whole Baltic region is our local market. We help other companies to enter foreign markets and we create e-solutions to facilitate other companies to do their work. With our help, Estonian companies can send their accounts, documents and correspondence through the digital space, saving costs and trees. We are now actively working to introduce online payment and letter centres in Latvia and Lithuania; therefore, these services will soon be available in all the Baltic states. We make business simpler and faster, and we help to create success stories.
We are partners to buyers as well as sellers. We deliver goods purchased online. We are strong because of the number of delivery options we provide and our ability to combine ways of delivering information and goods to suit each and every individual.

We are an international logistics company. The traditional postal services that initiated our story currently account for just a third of our business; therefore, the name Eesti Post is not used very often today. This recognisable name that is rich in tradition will remain, and you will see it when you enter a post office in Estonia. But from now on our international logistics company will be known by a new name – Omniva.

Omniva logo


What does Omniva mean?

Our new name, Omniva, comes from the Latin word ‘omni’, which means ‘all-inclusive’, ‘all in one’, or ‘all’. It shows that we offer our customers ‘all in one’ solutions, merging the physical and digital worlds through our network of channels.

Our logo is ring-shaped, like the first letter of our name, and symbolises eternal movement. The ring also stands for solidarity, endless opportunity and a continuous circle whose beginning and end are one and the same. This is our goal to make things move forward. A ring may be seen as a closed symbol, but we are able to combine several methods to transport information and goods to our customers. This is symbolised in our logo by dividing the ring into open parts that can be combined to create individual solutions to perfectly suit the needs of each customer.

The ring consists of sections in various colours, each with its own meaning. First, our ring includes orange. This is the Eesti Post colour, symbolising the history that we are all proud of. Orange depicts our century of knowledge and experience.

The slightly brighter orange that comes next represents fresh trends. The bright colour reflects our freshness and youth.

A powerful and growing company requires strength and energy to develop, and this is represented by the red colour in our logo.

The pink, called ruby red, is the newest colour in our palette and symbolises innovation. We work hard to be the leading logistics company in the Baltics, and for this purpose we need new ideas and approaches.
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