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How do I send batteries?

Sending lithium batteries and rechargeable lithium batteries by post is not allowed. The most common types are listed below.

There are no restrictions on other types of batteries, for example, alkaline batteries and batteries (including rechargeable batteries) with a zinc or carbon base. However, they must be wrapped separately from the other contents of the parcel.

Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries (Li-ion)

Rechargeable batteries that are used, for example, in the following items:
  • Laptops
  • Mobile phones
  • MP3 players
  • Portable DVD players
  • GPS devices
  • Cameras
  • Film cameras
  • Rechargeable tools, etc.

Lithium-metallic batteries

Single-use batteries, for example, those used in small portable devices:
  • Clocks/watches
  • Thermometers
  • Calculators
  • Remote controls (car remote controls/keys)
  • Spare batteries for electronic devices, etc.

The restrictions on sending batteries and rechargeable batteries apply to lithium batteries only. You can identify a lithium battery from its packaging, which will contain the abbreviation CR or Li or the full name of the battery type.

Lithium batteries and rechargeable batteries are dangerous because in certain conditions they can overheat and explode.
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