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Packing the parcel

Pack your parcel so that it would not break/get damaged during transportation. Moreover, the parcel may not endanger our personnel and damage other parcels. It is recommended to write phone number of recipient and name of the parcel machine the parcel was sent to in a clear and legible way.

    Choose the packaging material depending on size and shape of the parcel. You can use the goffered cardboard, polyethylene, cases and cardboard boxes. Always use new material, as used one cannot always be sufficiently resistant. If you use used material to pack items to be sent, remove all the old address cards and barcodes.

    If you want the original packaging of the parcel remain untouched and you do not want any markings to be written on it that might be necessary during the forwarding, use additional layer of packaging.

    Packing can be performed also creatively using wallpapers, polyethylene bags and footwear boxes as packing material. It is important for the packaging to be resistant, unbroken and suitable for writing of the data of recipient and sender.

    Packaging must have sufficiently large and smooth area for sticking on an address card or indication of the data of recipient and sender. Choose packaging material suitable for attaching an address card. For example, if an address card cannot be tightly attached to material and it can unstick any time.


    Choose the packaging of suitable size. Contents of the parcel can move or break/get damaged in too large packaging. The parcel can also get damaged in too small packing. For example, if clothing is placed into small polyethylene bag too tightly, the bag can tear up during transportation. Contents of the parcel can also be damaged, if the packing is opened using knife or scissors.

    Contents of the parcel may not slide inside the packing and protrude from the packing. Packaging must be large enough to use packing material, if necessary.

    Packaging must be of size at least 2 cm x 9 cm x 14 cm, as open cell containers will be used during transportation, and too small parcels can slide out. If you want to dispatch a very small item, you should pack it in larger packaging filling the free space with filling material.


    If you want to make sure that the contents of the parcel will not break, always use filling material. Special granules and bubble film packing are suitable materials. Paper can be used for lighter parcels.


Parcels with fragile and breakable items

Valuable parcels

Parcels weighing more than 65 kg



Registration of parcel in our e-self-service environment is the most convenient way that provides address card printing option and sticking it on the parcel. Stick the address card on the smooth surface of the packing.

You can write the address on the parcel by hand. In this case clear and legible indication of phone number of the recipient and name of the parcel machine the parcel was sent to is recommended to be written on the parcel.

The address should not contain abbreviated names, letter abbreviations, digits or symbols, which are not of common knowledge and may potentially cause difficulties during delivery of the parcel. Moreover, try to avoid dividing words, corrections and crossing-outs in the address.

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