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Sending larger-sized parcels

If you need to send a larger-sized parcel, read the following information.

Set weight

When you register a larger-sized parcel, the cost for sending it will be based on either the ‘set weight’ or the real weight of the parcel, whichever is higher. The set weight is calculated as follows: length x width x height x 250 kg/m3. If the set weight is higher than the real weight, the cost of sending the parcel will be based on the set weight. However, if the real weight of parcel is higher, the cost will be based on its real weight.  

Courier transport

Use a courier if the goods are packaged and fit the standard palette sizes. Parcels are picked up and delivered during the business hours in Latvia. Contact your customer manager for more information.

Delivery of parcels consisting of several units

Choose this option if you have to send 20 parcels or more at the same time. It will reduce your transportation costs, and is a more cost-effective way of sending your parcels. The maximum weight is 2550 kg (for early delivery, up to 600 kg).
You can register your parcels in the online self-service environment!

Placing parcels on a palette

Place parcels weighing more than 65 kg on a palette, as this will allow us to transport them. The weight and dimensions of the palette are included in the weight and dimensions of the parcel. You can choose the following additional services: insurance, payment upon delivery, ‘FRAGILE’ and more.
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