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Why use our warehousing service

If you use us to send parcels, it is worth considering using our warehousing services, too. If required, we can carry out most of the delivery process – from the moment the parcel is delivered to our warehouse to the time it is delivered to the end user. You won’t have to spend time organising storage as well as and transport service providers; the entire process is quicker and more integrated.
We use up-to-date software to manage our warehousing services, which allows us to offer a good service and make work processes more efficient. We rarely experience common storage-related problems; for example, an insufficient amount of goods, incorrectly compiled or addressed parcels, or goods accepted and entered incorrectly into the system.

If you use our warehousing service you won’t have to constantly monitor stock. Just send us your request, and we will tell you how many of your products are in the warehouse. Our e-service gives you an accurate description of what we have sent from the warehouse, and when.


Our warehousing services are tailored to your needs, so there are no standard terms or prices. To discuss your needs and agree the terms for providing services, speak to your customer manager or contact us by e-mailing [email protected] or calling 27042424.

How does the warehousing service work?


  • Quick and flexible – the warehousing and courier services are provided by the same supplier.
  • Unified planning for compilation and transport volumes ensures more even loads and shorter transportation periods.
  • Reduces administration and communication costs, as information about courier and warehousing services is exchanged through the same channel.
  • Having both services provided by the same supplier means that problems are solved more quickly and efficiently.
  • Reduces utilities expenses as well as the likelihood of staffing problems.
  • Saves money throughout the entire process.
  • Frees you up to concentrate on sales and new projects.
  • If the amount you store and send increases at certain times of the year, we will take care of the extra staffing needed.
  • If necessary, you can request additional services – such as sticking labels onto goods, inserting instruction manuals, and assembling parcels.
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