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How does the warehousing service work?

  1. Booking the goods into the warehouse

    You will need to send a form to the warehouse manager to tell us what goods you are sending to the warehouse and what time they will arrive.

  2. Accepting and examining the goods

    Goods have to be sent on pallets or in separate boxes or packaging. After unloading the goods we will check whether the number of goods matches the number shown on the delivery note. We will check the volume of goods by counting each item.

  3. Registering the goods on our system

    We will enter into our software the number of units and the data obtained from checking the volume of goods . We regularly update the system with details of how many goods are left and give you an overview.

  4. Storage

    Goods will be stored on pallets. Small goods may be kept on shelves.

  5. Sending orders for delivery

    When you send orders for delivery, these must include information about the final receiver of the goods, the goods themselves, the number to be sent and the service you require. We will agree with you how the order will be sent to the receiver. Orders you place will be delivered the next day. If you place an order before 12.00 noon, you can choose for it to be delivered on the same day.
  6. Assembling parcels, and other additional services

    We will assemble parcels from the goods listed on your order. If necessary, you can request other additional services – such as sticking labels onto goods and inserting instruction manuals.

  7. Delivery

    We will deliver the goods in line with the agreement we have with you. Parcels can be sent from the warehouse for delivery by courier or to a parcel machine.

To discuss your needs and agree service terms, speak to your customer manager or contact us by e-mailing [email protected] or phoning 27042424.
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