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  • Weight/dimensions

    What are a shipment's weight/size restrictions to the European Union?
    • The actual and total weight of the shipment must not exceed 30 kg
    • The longest side of the shipment must not exceed 150 cm
    • The sum of the longest sides and the perimeter of the shipment must not exceed 300 cm

    The shipment is returned to sender if any specified parameters are exceeded.

    How do I calculate volume weight?
    L x W x H / 5000 = Volume weight
    L = length (cm)
    W = width (cm)
    H = height (cm)

  • Delivery

    How is the recipient notified of the delivery?
    The delivery of the parcel depends on the regulations in the recipient's country - the courier calls and agrees on a suitable delivery time or simply brings the parcel to the recipient.

  • Prohibited items and substances

    What may not be sent to the European Union?
    The sender is responsible for the shipment's contents and complying with applicable national laws and regulations in force for each country. Article 24 of the Postal Law contains prohibitions regarding the content of postal items. The prohibited items and substances list for sending in the Postal Law is available HERE.
    In addition, the specific requirements of each country, arising from its domestic laws and regulations, must be observed. Prohibited items that may not be sent to Europe.

  • Delivery time

    How long does it take to deliver shipments to the European Union?
    Delivery to European Union countries is mainly made from three working days after the parcel delivery to Omniva. However, deliveries to Malta and Cyprus are made within two to three working days.

  • Failed delivery

    What happens if the recipient refuses to receive the parcel or if the package is not delivered for other reasons?
    If the parcel is not delivered to the recipient, it is returned to the sender, according to the price list.

  • Price list

    How much does it cost to deliver a shipment to European Union countries?
    The price list is available HERE.

  • Liability

    What are the liability and compensation amount for shipments to the European Union?
    According to the Omniva, SIA standard conditions for parcel services, the maximum compensation rates in case of loss or damage to the parcel:
    • parcel services: maximum 50 euros;
    • courier services: maximum 320 euros; maximum 512 euros for bulk shipments;
    • the sender or recipient is also entitled to delivery cost refund.

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