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Can I send a parcel to the same parcel machine I send it from?
Yes. You can send the parcel from any parcel machine to any parcel machine, including the one you are sending it from.

What happens if the parcel is not collected within 7 days?
The parcel will be returned to the sender.

If the parcel machine is broken into, can my parcel be stolen?
Parcel machines are made of thick metal, so they are very difficult to break into. Every parcel machine has three surveillance cameras, and an alarm will be activated if the machine is shaken or attempts are made to break the door.

When will parcel machines be installed in less populated areas?
The network of parcel machines will be added to when possible and when there is enough demand.

Can I send food using a parcel machine?
We do not recommend sending food that might be damaged easily by parcel machine. All items to be sent must be packed in line with the requirements set out in the standard conditions.

How will warm or cold weather affect my parcel?
Almost all delivery chains include a phase when parcels are exposed to external temperature, humidity, etc. For example, this happens when goods are carried in trucks without special equipment to an aeroplane or ship. Car parks, airport storage areas and containers without specialist equipment are used to store goods in between transportation stages.
Therefore, we believe that although weather conditions will affect the temperature of the parcel machine locker this will not have a negative effect on your parcel. The experience of our partner in Poland, InPost, has proved that despite the harsh winter conditions of the past two years (-25 degrees Centigrade) and the hot summers (32 degrees Centigrade), there were no problems with customers’ parcels. Your convenience is important to us, and we decided to install parcel machines outside to make them available to use at any time.
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