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  • weapons and their components
  • ammunition and parts of ammunition
  • balloons filled with teargas or nerve gas
  • explosive, flammable and other dangerous substances, including fireworks, lighters, sprays, petrol, solvents and matches.
  • toxic and radioactive substances
  • biological substances that could spread infection
  • narcotic and psychotropic substances and medication that contains them
  • blood and blood components
  • acids
  • lithium batteries and rechargeable lithium batteries.
  • perishable foods, including fruit, vegetables, berries, eggs, milk and milk products
  • live organisms, animals, birds, fish, insects (except for silkworms, bees and leeches)
  • plants and seedlings
  • cultural objects belonging to the State, including antiquities and art objects, at least 50 years old, regardless of their value and uniqueness
  • cultural objects, including antiquities and art objects, of at least 100 years of age, irrespective of their value and uniqueness and whose origin is not connected with Latvia
  • jewellery and watches (other than imitation jewellery and watchmaking) of a value exceeding USD 500, or an equivalent amount in local currency, per package
  • items that may expose the receiver to danger or may soil or damage other parcels, postal vehicles or property
  • objects or substances which, by reason of their nature or packaging, can contaminate or damage other consignments or Omniva, SIA equipment 
  • items and printed publications of indecent or amoral content
  • cash, securities and prepaid cards
  • tobacco and tobacco products containing nicotine, including e-cigarettes, alcoholic products and other excise goods above the statutory limit
  • personal correspondence of people other than the sender, receiver and other people who live with them
  • topical and personal correspondence between the sender and receiver
  • ivory and ivory products
  • (wild) animal skins
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