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The sender is responsible for the contents of the consignment and compliance with the national laws and regulations in force in each country. Section 24 of the Postal Law stipulated prohibition in relation to the contents of postal consignments. The list of items and substances whose sending is prohibited in the Postal Law is available HERE
List of prohibited goods that are not allowed to be sent in OMNIVA, SIA parcel machine and courier parcels
  • Weapons and parts thereof, special means (chemicals, articles or mechanisms intended for self-defence or for the maintenance of public order, but not weapons)
  • Ammunition and parts thereof
  • Tear gas and nerve gas canisters
  • Combustible, flammable and hazardous substances, as well as items which these substances are filled into. Detailed list of hazardous substances
  • Poisonous and radioactive substances, including lithium batteries and batteries.
  • Explosive, flammable, radioactive, highly perishable biological substances and infectious substances
  • Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances and medicinal products containing such substances
  • Blood or blood components
  • Acids
  • Perishable foodstuffs, including fruit, vegetables, berries, eggs, milk and products thereof
  • Live animals, birds, fish, insects 
  • Poisonous and perishable plants, plants and seedlings not packed in appropriate/safe packaging
  • Cultural objects belonging to the state, including antiques and works of art, at least 50 years old, irrespective of their value and uniqueness
  • Cultural objects, including antiques and objects of art, of at least 100 years of age, irrespective of their value and uniqueness, and not originating in Latvia
  • Items or substances, which due to their nature or packaging could dirty or damage other consignments or Omniva, SIA equipment
  • Tobacco substitutes, tobacco products, electronic smoking devices, liquids used in electronic smoking devices, refill tanks, ingredients for preparing liquids used in electronic smoking devices
  • Alcoholic beverages, unless the business customer opts for courier delivery with the additional service “Personal Delivery”
  • Items requiring special temperature treatment
  • Pornographic or erotic material describing or depicting child sexual exploitation (child pornography), human sexual acts with animals, necrophilia or violence of a pornographic nature
  • Money, coins, banknotes, securities of any kind (cheques), jewellery and other valuables may only be sent by business customers as courier delivery shipments with insured value
  • Activated debit and credit cards
  • Prescription medicines if the sender is a legal entity (e.g. an e-shop)
  • Human remains and ashes
  • Magnetised objects
  • Any goods which are not packaged
  • Ivory
  • Medical documents, documents containing personal data, procurement documents, tenders, accounting documents, tickets/vouchers, passports, identity cards, driving licences, unless the business customer opts for courier delivery with the additional service “Personal Delivery”

In addition, each country’s special requirements must be complied with, which arise from the country’s domestic laws and regulations. Goods that are prohibited to be sent to Europe.
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