Returning a parcel

When ordering items from e-shops or catalogues you may need to return the item to the seller. The terms for returning the item to the seller must be clarified during the purchase so that you know who is responsible for paying the return costs.

Returning items purchased in Latvia


Several catalogue trade companies and e-stores in Latvia apply a free returns policy. If the seller does not offer free returns, you will have to pay the cost of returning the item.

  • The message or e-mail that tells you your parcel has arrived usually contains a returns code. You can use this code to return the parcel using a parcel machine.
  • Save the address label on the parcel you want to return. If you are returning the parcel using a parcel machine, the parcel machine will issue a new address label. Stick it on the parcel.

Returning a parcel to a parcel machine

  1. Take the item to the nearest parcel machine.
  2. On the touch screen select the necessary language followed by the ‘Return a parcel’ option.
  3. Enter the returns code received in the message or e-mail.
  4. Stick the printed address label onto the parcel. You will find the address label in the compartment under the payment terminal.
  5. Place the parcel inside the opened locker, close the door and confirm you have sent the parcel by pressing the ‘Confirm’ button displayed on the screen.
  6. Print a receipt, if necessary.

If the parcel contains a barcode, you will just need to scan the barcode after selecting the return option. Remember, you can also enter the parcel number manually.
Refusing a parcel

If you do not want to receive a parcel, do not go to collect it from the parcel machine after you receive our text message or email. We will return it to the sender once the storage time ends. If the courier calls, let him or her know you do not want to receive the parcel and we will return it to the sender immediately.
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