What is the maximum weight for items sent by parcel machine?
The maximum weight for parcels sent by parcel machine is 30 kg.

Does sending a light but large parcel cost more than sending a small but heavy one?
The price is calculated on the basis of the parcel machine locker you choose, so the cost of sending a small parcel weighing 30 kg will be lower than the cost of sending a large parcel weighing 5 kg.

Can I place several parcels in one parcel machine locker?
Private Customer can place one item in a horizontal or vertical position in one compartment and a Business Customer can place several items in one compartment at the same time by scanning each address card separately.

What to do if the parcel machine did not print out the address card?
In case if the address card (sticker) does not prints out at the parcel machine, it means that the paper has run out and the courier will replace it soon. However, you can also safely put parcels, without address card, inside the locker, because the system automatically saves the data you have entered and the courier will stick the address card when servicing the parcel machine.

Can parcels be sent abroad by parcel machine?
You can use parcel machines to send and receive parcels anywhere in the Baltic States - Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Can parcels be shipped to other European countries?
You can send parcels for 27 countries in Europe, by creating order in the website. These are Austria, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, France, Sweden, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania and Hungary.

Can I choose which parcel machine locker I place my parcel in?
You can choose the size of your parcel machine locker, but you cannot choose a specific locker. A locker of the size you have chosen will open automatically.

What should I do if my parcel has been sent but has not yet been delivered?
Delivery times vary among cities and states. Please check your local delivery times on our website, here.
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