Omniva invests EUR 2 million in the development of its infrastructure

This month, by investing more than EUR 2 million, the post and logistics company Omniva has started to implement the next round of expanding its parcel machine network. By February 2023, Omniva expects to install 60 additional parcel machines in the entire Latvia, as well as to supplement the current 150 parcel machines with medium and large size units that are the most popular with customers.
Expansion of the parcel machine network and increasing the capacity of current units is one of the cornerstones of Omniva’s development strategy to become a robust regional logistics leader by 2026.
“We will focus both on installing parcel machines at new sites and expanding the most popular ones. Though this year and most likely also the next year will be challenging in terms of economic growth due to the geopolitical situation and price increases, we will continue targeted investment in developing our infrastructure. We are convinced that this is the only way to offer more opportunities to our customers, i.e. for e-commerce companies to reach ever more people in Latvia, and for these people to simply purchase and receive many goods without any geographical barriers and the need to come to a physical store,” says Beāte Krauze-Čebotare, Omniva Manager in Latvia.
During this expansion stage, the company intends to increase the capacity of the current 150 parcel machines and to instal new ones at sites where there have been no such opportunities before.  Parcel machines will be installed at sites such as Bērzkrogs, Ezere, Pūre, Stende, Druva, Valdemārpils, Naukšēni, Priedaine (Jūrmala), Kalngale, and Priekuļi. While parcel machines will be significantly expanded at the following sites: in Daugavpils at shopping centre Ditton; in Ogre at shopping centre Ogres Prestižs; in Liepāja in Rožu square; in Talsi at RIMI store on Dundagas Street; in Riga at MEGO store on 16a Biķernieku Street; in Riga at RIMI store on Stirnu Street; in Riga at MEGO store on 14 Saharova Street, and many more.
“Our data indicate that the purchasing habits of people change, as there is ever greater demand for medium and large size units. Nowadays, people buy not only small items (such as phone cases or chargers) but also ever larger goods: clothes, household appliances, hygiene articles, etc. This means that global trends have reached Latvia: once a person has experienced the advantages of e-commerce, most likely, they will also make the same choices in the future, trust this delivery option and purchase more expensive and larger goods that they bought only in physical stores before. We also see that since the peak of deliveries during the pandemic restrictions, the number of Omniva customers has continued to steadily increase,” adds B. Krauze-Čebotare.
After this expansion round, the total number of Omniva parcel machines will reach 360 in Latvia. In total, the network will consists of 52,762 units at 133 sites.
Jānis Andžāns
Communication and Sustainability Manager
[email protected]

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