Attention all Omniva customers - please read!

Dear Omniva customers,
Last Friday we received first indications that the payment terminals of Omniva parcel machines are not working properly. Unfortunately, instead of being able to fix them, the problem escalated and more and more terminals became unusable. This meant that you could not send parcels or receive parcels where payment was needed.
The service of payment mediation is outsourced to a market leading company (I do not want to name but anyone can guess it) who has not been up to its promises. It is a really bad feeling when you are out of control of things that affect your customers the most. I feel anger and embarrassment that you, our customers, have to suffer due to third parties not doing their job.
Please believe me, all of us in Omniva office, sorting center or the ones delivering parcels, feel for you and are doing everything we can in order to deal with the named partner inability to work by agreement. Everyone, who has had issues with our parcel machines since Friday, 8th of July, please contact us via form in Facebook "Contact us form" or by sending us an email to [email protected] stating your name, phone number and PM where the problem occurred. We will give you a next delivery for free.
Joona Saluveer
Member of the Board
Omniva SIA 

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