Eesti Post and Post24 become OMNIVA

Eesti Post and Post24 become OMNIVA
Starting from today the new international name of Post24 SIA and its parent company Eesti Post will be Omniva. It will be used in promoting the company's operations and logistics solutions on the Baltic market.
Starting from the summer of 2014 Eesti Post has started using the new brand Omniva in the Baltic states, including Latvia. The introduction of the new brand is related to the company's enlargement of its domestic market from Estonia to Latvia and Lithuania. These changes are aimed at enhancing the company's competitiveness by choosing a name that more clearly defines its essence as an international company and by reducing the number of various trademarks and the associated costs. The new brand will be used in providing information and logistics services of the company and its subsidiary companies, including the network of parcel machine and courier services in Latvia.
Omniva will be company's international name while the current brand Eesti Post will only be retained for post offices and will be the legal name of the company in Estonia. According to the Chairman of the Board (Aavo Kärmas), this is not a sudden turn – in recent years Eesti Post has considerably changed the scope and scale of its operations. The former post delivery service provider in Estonia has developed as a company which manages various communication channels or offers omni-channel logistics solutions. Moreover, it has expanded its operations in Latvia, Lithuania and more distant markets by continuously improving its product portfolio and quality. Recently the company has also started offering combined logistics services to its customers in Latvia, for instance, delivery of parcels dispatched from the parcel machines by couriers or a unique service in the Baltics – the same-day delivery of parcels.
The targets set by the Latvian subsidiary show its prospects of rapid growth as it is planned to increase the total turnover 5 times by introducing new services and by increasing the turnover of the existing services. It is planned to attain a 3.5-times increase in the delivery volume through parcel machines, and a similar target is also set for the courier service. In order to achieve the above aims, by the end of this year the company will significantly strengthen its partnership by involving 15 new partners in addition to the 25 already existing partners. 
"We have combined digital and physical channels in order to deliver information and goods. Successful operation across borders requires a new marketing strategy and an international name that is not connected to just one country. When we operate under a single trademark in all three of our domestic markets in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, our customers and partners will understand our business better, cooperation between our subsidiaries will be improved, and our operations across different markets will be simplified. Investment of € 140 thousand will be made in updating services and rebranding," explained Kärmas.
In addition, Mr Kärmas said that the change was also needed because the brand name Eesti Post was strongly associated with postal services playing an ever-diminishing role in the company’s business over the last decade.
Omniva will provide the logistics services and e-services that have until now been under different brands, like the Post24 automatic parcel machines, ELS courier service in Estonia, Kirjakeskus e-letter centre and eArvekeskus e-invoicing centre. Currently e-invoicing and e-letter centres are being developed in Latvia and Lithuania, and soon these services will be available in the whole Baltic region.
Moreover, customers will be offered a brand new website of different content and form, including an e-self-service environment, which will be the gateway to all the services of the company.


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